Bulk suppliers (Resellers):

We supply flowers to retail outlets in UAE which sell flowers.  Our customers in this segment are specialty stores in different parts of the country.  They are able to sell the high-quality flowers otherwise available only in our outlet.  We offer favorable prices to these bulk customers based on their regular requirements.

Our shop is located in Karama and it is our only outlet as of now. As there is a lot of demand for the Indian flowers all over Gulf countries we do bulk supply to the companies and shop which sells our products. The supplies are in and around Dubai and to other Gulf countries like Oman, Bahrain, Doha and so on. Our suppliers understand the products that we have and we do understand their needs and have a strong business relationship. Supplies will be on daily and weekly basis according to the demand.

For inquiries please contact our shop at 056 3822768 / 04 3852360.