About us

Our Vision – “Fresh and high-quality flowers as per customers’ requirements”


Jasmine Experts Flowers has been serving the UAE market for the past 5 years, providing high quality customized fresh flower products at reasonable prices.  We are located in Karama, Dubai.

Customized Products:

We understand the needs of our customers.  Jasmine Experts Flowers, Karama is proud that it is the only retail outlet in the UAE that offers flower products such as flower strings, garlands and flower jewellery that are entirely prepared by a team of highly skilled florists in their outlet in Karama, Dubai.  Other florists depend on imported products which affect their capability to provide customized products as well as product freshness and longevity.

Wide Product Range:

We offer a wide range of fresh flower products including jasmine flower strings, multicolor flower strings, yellow and orange marigold strings, different types of garlands and flower jewellery.  Depending on the usage, these high-quality products can be prepared in different colors with different flowers.

Our Florists:

Our team of highly skilled florists prepares floral decorative products as per customers’ requirements with passion. Customer service is a major for our success.  Our team always pay attention to the requirements of customers and help them to get what they look for. Usually, customers face challenges with last minute arrangements, but our team is well prepared in those cases to meet the needs of the customers. Always look for opportunities and go extra mile to put a smile on our customer’s face. Our strength is always willing to accept feedbacks and ready to implement.

Reasonable Price:

We import flowers directly from India.  These flowers come from farmers and hence the quality and freshness are guaranteed.  We buy them in large quantities and this allows us to negotiate excellent prices and keep fresh stock constantly coming in.  Although our prices compare favorably with mass-market sellers, you can be sure that every flower was personally processed, checked and prepared by us.

For inquiries please contact our shop at 056 3822768 / 04 3852360.